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Johnny's garden sign

"The garden you created is a wonderful place where we can teach our children about sustainable living and self-sufficiency. The bonus is that it’s also the ideal retreat for me and my husband to enjoy watching our kids grow.” 

-- Sherri V., Ventura

“Lisa is a devout lover of the earth and a genius in the field of native habitats, sustainable landscaping and drought-tolerant design. I was worried that the ‘natives' would look dead and dull but instead it is blossoming as a lush and inviting landscape, displaying every color of the rainbow. The birds love it, the butterflies love it, and we love it! … Her crew is dedicated to 'perfectionism’. They are prompt, reliable, professional, conscientious, caring, with extremely good working ethics. They stayed on budget and were flexible with changes. Our garden is the envy of our neighbors and a dream come true for us. It is absolutely stunning! And, we were recognized by our local water district for reducing our household water use by 90% on our 2.3 acre property in Oak View!"

— Mary F., Oak View

"You were right! It IS the best looking front yard in the neighborhood and everyone walking by comments on how beautifully spectacular it is. The very best part is opening my front door in the morning and walking out 'into' it. It truly IS the park I dreamed of. I'm not exaggerating when I say it has changed my life." 

-- Carolyn G., Newbury Park

"Lisa, the front yard you designed five years ago is still totally amazing. People still ooh and aaah. I see it when I leave the house and first thing when I get back home - and it just delights me no end. Thank you so much for giving me this - really a dream come true!" 

-- Mariaemma PW, Ventura

“It was a pleasure working with you at our home. You have given us such joy as we look upon your creations of color with nature. The birds, lizards and butterflies have a real haven and we will get lots of enjoyment watching them. Please also thank the crew for their great work and professionalism. You make a great team in transforming yards into gardens of beauty, wonder and peacefulness.” 

-- Carol and Joe P., Santa Paula

Pitt after copy

“My front yard provided me with the following show recently: I watched monarch butterflies land on my milkweed plants, saw the caterpillars all over the plants and then watched as their cocoons appeared around my property til monarch butterflies emerged! All thanks to my own personal Mother Nature … Lisa! I'm a convert, big time!!” 

-- Deborah M., Westlake Village

"We created magic in my back yard Lisa, and I feel blessed every time I get to walk through it, tend to it, nurture it, tinker with it, etc. I absolutely love it. And the animals, birds, butterflies, and ladybugs love it too!! Thanks Lisa!"

-- Mary H., Ventura

“We are VERY impressed with everyone you’ve brought into the project. The ‘mandala’ looks great, Gino is great, gutter price is great, the crew is great, you’ve been great ... just a great group all around. Seems that there are exciting things to see every day. I also appreciate your staying in touch with your reports throughout the project. Makes me feel part of the action.” 

-- Nancy F., Ventura

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“You have no idea how happy Heidi is with the garden. I can hear the goosebumps through the phone!” 

--John B., Ventura

"Hi Lisa. Today was a stressful day for me. But Brian and I took a stroll in the garden and as we oohed and aahed at all the little guys and gals that found their home in the ground, a lot of the stress was taken away. The garden looks beautiful. I have told Brian that I don't want to refer to it as a 'yard' any more. I can hardly wait to find out what you have in store for the front yard-to-be garden." 

-- Hilda C., Thousand Oaks

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“Looking at my rapidly aging mother today enjoying her brunch at our home. My heart swelled once again with gratitude that I have gotten to have her for so long. We lost my dad's last sister this morning. Bittersweet. My mother kept on going into the back garden Lisa. She said 20 times at least ‘how beautiful it is’. She is right. Thank You.” 

-- Delia G., Ventura

“Lisa! The garden that you put in for Bill and me last August has come to fruition. All the plants are colorful, gorgeous, and attract hummingbirds as I'd hoped! The beautiful rock fountain makes a lovely sound and attracts lots of birds. My only complaint is that we don't have more time to spend out there!! Thank you SO much. We LOVE IT. We just wish we did it years ago!!” 

-- Lisa R., Ventura

“Needless to say, we love what you did here. Lifting the shades in the morning to view the garden lifts our spirits and brings a smile.” 

-- Margaret, Somis

“The courtyard entry you created is beautiful. What a wonderful way to welcome guests and family to our home.”

 -- Martha J., Ojai

“I have been miserably sick for the last couple days, my normal routine of self care pushed aside, and I felt disconnected from myself and those I love. I was gently reminded this morning to take a moment to meditate. I bundled up and sat out in our beautiful backyard. I found peace and compassion, bringing me back to my Creator, who loves and guides me, if I am open to it. Thank you Lisa. The garden you created for us is a magical sacred space.”

– Heidi B., Ventura

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