About Lisa Burton


For her entire life, Lisa has been passionate about gardens and protecting the environment.  


In 1995, Lisa experienced an epiphany while serving as a primary care giver to her terminally ill father. She learned that gardens can be much more than just a place of aesthetic beauty. She found that they can also be a place where one can find sanctuary and inspiration, gain personal growth, and experience the earth’s natural cycles. She learned about being in balance with the earth through environmental stewardship in her own back yard where she implemented sustainable landscaping principles and provided a rich garden habitat that welcomes birds, butterflies, bees, beneficial insects, lizards, frogs and other various creatures.

In 2001, and after much research and education, Lisa decided to share her knowledge and perspective by becoming a certified Master Gardener and professional garden designer. In this capacity, Lisa is committed to assisting her clients with the creation of their own garden sanctuaries and wildlife habitats that are in balance with the environment, use less water, and reflect the beauty and wonderment of nature.

In 2010, Lisa received Special Recognition for her commitment to “Think Global, Act Local” from the Ventura County Board of Supervisors. 

In 2013, and because she certifies most of her installations as Certified Wildlife Habitats, Lisa was honored with the designation of Certified Wildlife Habitat and Sustainable Landscape Professional by the National Wildlife Federation. 


"Lisa is about as passionate as one can get about her work. She is thoroughly committed to creating gardens that are low maintenance, save water, and contribute to a balanced ecosystem that supports our local wildlife. She is easy to work with and a good listener. I highly recommend her and the hard-working crew she employs!"

— Martha F., Newbury Park

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